At the risk of sounding like that iconic 80’s Journey song…’I’m just a small town girl’ and this week I experienced just what it feels like to see a dream coming true. I moved to Manchester and got the keys to my very own design studio in the aptly named Hope Mill. It seems so surreal to be even writing this that I barely know where to start.

For anyone reading this, who has a dream….take my advice. Trust your struggle and trust yourself. Be brave, take that chance make that leap, who knows what you might achieve. Be bold, lets face it – thinking inside the box has never been much fun, but outside that box and outside your comfort zone lies your greatest adventure. Be wild, don’t just live your adventure, be your adventure. Be free, shake off whats holding you back it’s incredible up here once you give yourself the freedom to fly because you have dared to try. Be inspired, never let anyone tell you that it is impossible Muhammad Ali once said “…Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

This is BOBO1325 and welcome to my impossible.

BOBO1325 is a company dedicated to blazing a trail through the Surface Pattern design industry. Designing patterns for the fashion, interior lifestyle and homeware industries, with a particular focus on wallpaper. Telling a story within the space, bringing intrigue and fuelling interest whether it be for the residential, corporate or hospitality sector. Society is turning to design more and more everyday, appreciating it as an art form, seeing it as a reflection of themselves, transforming their spaces to become a part of their identity. But it is more than that, I want to make your dreams and your vision come to life. So make an appointment to visit the studio, write me an email or make a phone call. Lets make it happen.



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